Results Are In From SpotOn's Digital Content Partnership

SpotOn™ partnered with Oak Hills Local School District in Cincinnati, Ohio as part of the SpotOn Digital Content Partnership Program. The partnership brought together 30 district teachers who received training in SpotOn’s master rubric dimensions: Content Quality, Pedagogy, Technology, and Standards. The teachers learned to evaluate a different types of digital resources against SpotOn’s academically validated rubric, receiving feedback along the way. The partnership resulted in participants having greater confidence in choosing and evaluating digital classroom resources and felt the experience helped them to more effectively use digital resources to enhance the students’ learning and engagement, as well as sharpened the educators’ knowledge of content and standards.  

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It works! Case Study Shows Benefits of SpotOn's Resource Review Training

SpotOn™ partnered with five school districts for EDCITE (Evaluating Digital Content for Instructional & Teaching Excellence), a pilot program educating teachers on evaluating and reviewing digital classroom content. SpotOn engaged an independent research company to evaluate the impacts of the SpotOn program on participating educators. The evaluation found that educators working with SpotOn reported a greater confidence in using digital resources, a more informed content selection process, and increased student engagement.

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See the Executive Summary here.

SpotOn™ Announces First Digital Content Program Partner

SpotOn announces Oak Hills Local School District (Cincinnati, OH) as the first participant in the SpotOn Digital Content Partnership Program. The partnership is expected to provide professional learning opportunities to 60 teachers and result in 300 educator written reviews of games and apps.

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SpotOn™ Announces Digital Content Partnership Program

The Partnership Program provides up to $50,000 in matching funds to selected school districts to assist with content selection decisions and professional learning opportunities that focus on the evaluation of digital content. Through this partnership, participating school districts will have their selected content reviewed using SpotOn’s academically validated rubric developed by researchers at The Ohio State University.

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