How We Can Help

Everything SpotOn does is built around two things—our esteem for educators and the SpotOn Rubric. Developed by researchers at The Ohio State University, we created this rubric to help educators like you evaluate and select high-quality digital resources. We’re doing this in a few ways:

  • Resource & Curriculum Evaluation Support: Whether you’re considering district-created materials or resources from the biggest names in EdTech, we provide unbiased, objective reviews using the SpotOn Rubric to evaluate the digital resources. When we’re done, we’ll provide you with a published report, appropriate for sharing with your district leadership or curriculum committee.
  • Digital Resource Evaluation Training: What is the first step to creating 21st-century learners? Creating 21st -century educators. Our training empowers educators to face the challenges of today’s classrooms.
  • Our flagship website, This freely searchable database, provides objective, rubric-based reviews and product information about digital classroom resources. We evaluate digital content, large and small, across all major disciplines and K-12 grade levels. We have the big names you expect as well as some gems we guarantee you haven’t considered yet.

Not seeing what you need here? Let us know how else we can help.