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We value our relationships with publishers and educational technology companies in the PreK-12 marketplace. Our objective is to present fair and balanced product reviews along with comprehensive information and visuals in order to assist PreK-12 decision-makers on their choice of classroom resources.

How We Select Resources for Review

Our SpotOn™ Review selection program is market driven; we are in constant contact with PreK-12 decision-makers at the district, state, and national levels discussing their upcoming adoption schedules and products that are in demand and under discussion.

We review all resource types, from full-year, curriculum-driven courses to reading programs and classroom exercise products.

Help Ensure the Most Accurate Review of Your Product

We request product access from the resource provider for every SpotOn review. Providing complete information (including the complete package, as applicable) on your titles and responding in a timely manner will enable our reviewers to produce a complete and well-informed review of your product.

Additionally, we also request any resource-specific professional development materials, such as webinars, PDFs, and online tutorials, which will help our reviewers understand, navigate and explore your product.

Complete Product Information Helps Our Users

We also request supporting product information and product images (including thumbnails) for every SpotOn Review prior to publication in the SpotOn database, which is then reviewed by our metadata specialists. By providing complete information, responding in a timely manner to our requests, and reviewing your submissions for SpotOn product pages yourself, you can ensure that we are presenting complete, accurate and up-to-date information on your products. We seek to provide PreK-12 decision-makers with the fullest picture of your products in the SpotOn database.

Issues with your Review

If you find any factual errors or if critical information is missing in a SpotOn Review, please contact us immediately.

How We Review

Please see the Methodology section of our site for information on how we conduct SpotOn reviews.

Submitting Non-requested Products for Review

The SpotOn editorial team meets regularly with resource providers for product demonstrations and to discuss potential products to review. Products can be proposed for review—please send us an email using the subject "For SpotOn Review consideration," being sure to include:

  • Company name
  • Product title and identifier(s)
  • Contact name, title and contact details
  • Information on the market for which the product is intended (grade/subject/course)

This information helps to inform our considerations for inclusion on the SpotOn Review selection program, but we naturally have capacity limits and cannot commit to reviewing unsolicited products.


Upon publication, a link to the SpotOn Review of your product will be emailed to the contact listed for that product so you are aware that a review is being published.

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