Climbing the EdTech Mountain: Reaching our 1,000th Digital Resource Review Summit
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It is our mission at SpotOn™ to empower teachers, administrators, and content decision-makers to evaluate and select digital resources, so that they can find the best content for their classroom. We do this by training educators to use the SpotOn rubric in their own evaluations of materials, and by providing a pre-reviewed pool of resources at We want to make sure that our review database has the resources that educators want and need. When SpotOn began, we worked with schools and educators to identify what resources they wanted reviewed for potential use--and those resources were the first resources on our site. We still operate around this concept and continue to seek out the resources that educators want reviewed for their classrooms.

After over a year of reviewing digital resources for K-12 classrooms, we are proud to have reached 1,000 reviews on our website! Since our first reviews of core and elective year-long products in 2015, we have added apps, games, learning objects, lessons, units, and adaptive resources. These reviews cover free and paid resources from kindergarten through grade twelve and include English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies resources. All of our reviews are available in our freely searchable database

When SpotOnbegan, our reviews covered year-long core curriculum content across a variety of disciplines and grade levels. Shortly after, our digital resource evaluation rubric underwent a national validation process to ensure we were looking at the topics that mattered to educators for the right resource type. After researchers at The Ohio State University completed the evaluation process, we were able to begin reviewing apps, games, learning objects, lessons, units, and adaptive resources, in addition to the year-long elective and core resources we were already evaluating.

We’re excited to reach this milestone in our production, but even more excited about the variety of reviews you, our users, will have access to during the content selection process. We encourage you to begin your search with us and if you don’t see what you’re looking for, let us know. We actively seek out the content that educators want reviewed, so we want to hear what you want to use in your classroom. We also encourage feedback. If you’re currently using a product on our site, be sure to leave "classroom feedback" on the review page to let other educators know how it went.

We thank everyone who helped us get to 1,000 reviews, and we look forward to adding more of the content you want to our database of reviews!

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